This is the story of three white British women that have decided to convert to Islam. After the terrorist attacks on the United States, these women could not have chosen a more difficult time to become Muslims but they are 100% committed to their cause. The film examines why these women have chosen to convert to Islam and the issues they have faced on the road to conversion.

Viewers are taken through the world of Islamic converts to discover what it's really like for a white British woman to become a Muslim. Amena is feisty Yorkshire woman living in Sheffield and married to a Yemani with two young sons. She knows many similar converts in the city. Through Amena we meet Amy, a young Welsh student who has recently converted and feels it's time to tell her parents. The third character is Jan. She's joined the Sufis, a branch of Islam which enjoys a more liberal interpretation of the Qu'ran. Through these main characters the programme looks at issues facing British women as they adopt their new Islamic way of life.